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Ryan Pasibe

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jamonthedoor Asked:
Care to explain for us why you feel that the Christopher Nolan series was a bad interpretation of Batman? If nothing else, the supporting cast was awesome if you ask me.



Batman = World’s greatest detective and one of the best fighters in the DCU
Baleman = WHERE IS IT?????????????????? punch punch punch punch

supporting cast was mostly great (if you ignore the white washing of course)

As much as I love the Nolan trilogy as MOVIES I don’t think it was a super good Batman interpretation. From the suit to the fighting, worlds worst detective, and the villains (exception of Joker) it was what Nolan wanted, a ‘realistic’ version. That’s why I’m excited for Batfleck, because it’s going to go into more of the unrealistic things. Like venom Bane, Mr. Freeze, and Killer Croc.

As movies I LOVE Nolan’s trilogy but as a Batman trilogy it’s just meh.